Airport Environmental Engineering and Spill Response Profess


Request for Proposal (RFP)

Solicitation No: RFP 8910-01382

Request for Proposals: The City of New Orleans ("City”) by and through the New Orleans Aviation Board ("NOAB”) is seeking to obtain Airport Environmental Engineering and Spill Response Professional Services as detailed in the solicitation. Incident to City Charter Section 6-308(5) and Executive Order MJL 10-05, the City by and though the NOAB, requests qualifications from experienced firms to provide the needed services.

Description: NOAB desires to engage a qualified, experienced firm to provide on-call Environmental Engineering and Spill Response Professional Services. The Respondent should demonstrate a broad background and experience in the field of environmental analysis for airport projects. Knowledge of FAA Advisory Circulars on environmental issues together with experience conducting field surveys and associated documentation for resource and regulatory agencies are also essential.

DBE Goal: The State & Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SL/DBE) goal for this solicitation is 20.08%.

Obtaining a Copy of the Solicitation: Copies of the solicitation and related information are available at the City’s purchasing website: For additional information contact the Purchasing Bureau at or call (504) 658-1550.

Instructions: Applicants shall submit the following to the Department of Finance/Bureau of Purchasing directed Attention: Nat Celestine, Assistant Purchasing Administrator, City Hall, 1300 Perdido St., Suite 4W07, New Orleans, LA, not later than Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 4:00 PM (CT).

Offeror shall provide one (1) original plus ten (10) hard copies of the qualification statement in a sealed envelope, marked Airport Environmental Engineering & Spill Response Services and two (2) digitally signed qualification statements in Microsoft Word format or as a PDF file, marked Airport Environmental Engineering & Spill Response Services (Fee proposals must be submitted in a separate sealed envelope marked "Fee Proposal” and identifying the solicitation and the Applicant).

Mary Kay Kleinpeter-Zamora
Chief Procurement Officer



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