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Projects Completed

Aircraft Loading Bridges
This project provided for the replacement of 17 aircraft loading bridges. It was divided into two phases: Base Bid, which replaced 10 bridges and Bid Option #1, which replaced 7 bridges.

Airfield Electrical Rehabilitation The project will rehabilitate and improve the reliability of the airfield electrical system. The work consists of the demolition of existing electrical ductbanks; installation of new electrical ductbanks with associated circuit cable; replacement of runway /taxiway edge and centerline lights; replacement of runway touchdown zone lights; replacement and/or upgrades of airfield signage; replacement and/or reconfiguration of windcones; electrical vault improvements; and new constant current regulators, and reconfiguration/improvements to the airfield lighting control and monitoring system.

Airfield Lighting Vault Relocation


The project will relocate the existing Airfield Lighting Vault building and related airfield electrical in frastructure to allow for the North Terminal project to be developed. The work consists constructing a new 4600 SF building to house equipment associated with the airfield lighting system. Airfield ductbanks will be re-routed around the proposed apron area. Once the new building is complete and operational, the existing vault building will be demolished to allow construction to begin on the North Terminal.

Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facility

This project provided a modern ARFF Station just to the west of the existing facility which is both antiquated and located on a constrained site that doesn’t allow for expansion. The project also included the demolition of the DHL hangar and apron.


Airport Cargo Road RehabilitationThis project involves design and engineering services for the rehabilitation and enhancements to the existing roadway system throughout the cargo/general aviation area of the airport adjoining the southwest portion of the airfield. Anticipated repairs and rehabilitations include fire hydrant sandblasting and painting, mill and overlay of asphaltic concrete pavements, roadway base repairs, selected concrete slab replacements, intersection radii improvements, utility adjustments where required for roadway improvements, improved street lighting, roadway signage and stripping, The project also includes design improvements to the existing storm water drainage system on the West Apron of the airfield. 
Airport GIS
The FAA established a pilot program to translate the existing Airport Layout Plan into "live" GIS data as a way to both track and maintain obstructions on and around the airport.

ASR-9 Facility RelocationThis Project involves the relocation of the existing Federal Aviation Administration Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) 9 navigational aid facilities that are located in the footprint of the North Terminal Project. It also includes installation of the new Low Level Windshear Alert System–Wind Measuring Equipment (LLWAS-WME). The Project work consists of site preparation, construction of a new building, installation of new electrical and fiber duct banks, tower erection, installation of equipment and demolition of the existing LLWAS-CFW sites.
Consolidated Rent-A-Car (CONRAC) Garage

This project provided for the construction of a customer service building, a ready-return parking garage, new utility building and associated service areas for the rental car companies to maintain their vehicles. The facility also includes concessions and is connected to the Terminal via a covered walkway.


Expansion of Concourse D

This project provided an additional six (air carrier) gates to the current seven gates on Concourse D. Also included are new food and beverage concessions, retailers, restrooms and modifications to the security checkpoint that will allow for the increased capacity.

Exterior Terminal Improvements: Phase 2

This project provided for the modernization of the exterior features of the Terminal building. On the upper level, the curtain wall façade was replaced with windows and new entrances. Expansion joints along the Terminal façade were replaced. The inner and outer roadway curbs were expanded by 3 ft on both levels and roadway lane widths were narrowed accordingly. This project was bid with the Interior Terminal Improvements Phase 3 project and has been coordinated to mitigate passenger and tenant impacts.

Interior Terminal Improvements Phase 1 (Restrooms)

This project provided for the complete rehabilitation of 12 restrooms along with minor renovations to an additional 9 restrooms throughout the terminal and all concourses. Work was phased with other planned/ current interior construction work in the Terminal to minimize impacts to passengers. (This project was originally bid in 2009 but was rebid in 2010).

Interior Terminal Improvements: Phase 2 (FIDS, GIDS, BIDS Replacement)
This project provided for the complete replacement of the existing Multi-User Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS) with wide-format panel LCD screens in all concourse and terminal locations.


Interior Terminal Improvements: Phase 3 (Terminal and Baggage Claim)

This project provided for the modernization of the interior of the Main Terminal building. On Level 2, the offices on the roadway side of the main corridor were demolished up to the curtain wall and were reconfigured into a circulation area with new Terrazzo flooring. The ticket counters were refurbished and relocated to allow for the placement of EDS machines behind them. Level 1 modernization efforts consist of upgrades to the flooring and baggage claim finishes. This project was bid with the Exterior Terminal Improvements Phase 2 project and has been coordinated to mitigate passenger and tenant.

New Airfield Lighting Vault
This project provides a new airfield lighting vault on the north side of the airfield to the east of the existing General Aviation apron area.

North Perimeter Road Improvements

This project provided for the rehabilitation and realignment of the existing North Perimeter Roadway into a new, wider road that is easier to navigate. Also included in this project was the re-contouring of nearby ditches.

Part 1542 Security System
This project provided for the installation of a state-of-the-art access control system that includes a Closed- Circuit Television Network (CCTV), telephone system, computer aided dispatch, Emergency Operations Center and security badge system. Also included in this project was the construction of a communications center (AVCOM) facility and data center.

Phase 4 (A) Improvements This project includes the reconfiguration of the security checkpoint screening lanes at Concourse D to increase the ingress and egress capacity at the checkpoint. The renovation work will include carpet replacement, painting, speaker replacement, installation of additional lighting, new laptop counters, and reupholstering of all concourse seating. Additional items under this project include replacement of all signage throughout the airport, rehabilitation of the Concourse C tug tunnel, and cleaning of canopies in between the parking garage and terminal.
Phase 4 Interior Terminal Improvements

This project included a number of aesthetic upgrades including improvements to walls, ceilings, additional lighting, column covers, speakers, carpet replacement, FFE (fixtures, furnishings, and equipment), and replacement of escalators and trash receptacles.

Runway 10/28 Approach Light Relocation (Levee Improvements)
The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is constructing a series of levee sections on the west end of the airfield. The work has been divided into three separate projects: (1) re-align the West Return Flood Wall, (2) construct the Levee around the "10" end of Runway 10/28  and (3) raise the Canadian National Railroad Gate.  The Airport has been charged with doing the electrical associated with constructing the levee at the 10 end of Runway 10-28. The Corp will perform all other work.

Runway 6/24 Conversion Project
This project will convert existing Runway 6/24 into Taxiway D and includes pavement rehabilitation, new lighting and pavement markings.

Security Perimeter Fence Replacement Complete replacement of the perimeter security fence including all gates, barbed wire, razor wire, and automatic gates. The new fence will be constructed 8 feet high with 2 additional feet of fence fabric buried in the ground for increased animal control. This project also includes the demolishing of the existing fence.

Storm Water Pump Station ProjectConstruction of a new storm water drainage pump station in the northwest corner of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport located in Kenner, LA. 
Terminal Apron Rehabilitation: Phase 2 (Alternate #1)

This project provides for the replacement of portions of the air carrier apron. Construction of this work is phased for minimal impact to airline operations


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