Lost and Found

The Customer Service Department retains items that have been lost in the public areas of the terminal (with the exception of the concourse checkpoints which is operated by the Transportation Security Administration or TSA). The office is located on the Upper Level in the Concourse C Lobby near the Airport Police. Lost and Found is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. You can contact them at (504) 303-7790. Items that have been turned in to Lost and Found are kept for 1 year. The Airport is not responsible for charges incurred by shipping lost items to the rightful owner.

Exceptions to the 1-year retention period:

  • Items that are knowingly abandoned by a passenger will be logged in to the system and then donated to a charitable organization after 24 hours.
  • ID's and/or Driver's Licenses will be mailed to the address on the ID after 7 days.
  • Credit or debit cards will be destroyed after 24 hours.
  • Military ID's will be mailed to the US Armed Forces after 7 days.
  • Passports and/or global entry cards will be turned over to US Customs after 7 days.
  • Social Security Cards will be mailed to the Social Security Department after 7 days.
  • Any food items will be disposed of immediately.
  • Items that have a foul odor will be disposed of after 24 hours.

Airport Lost & Found

To report a lost item, please complete the Lost Item Report here.

Airline Lost & Found

Persons losing items in the airline exclusive areas (i.e. ticket counters, gate areas, or airplanes) should check with that particular airline's baggage office located on the Lower Level.

TSA Lost & Found

For items that may have been left at the security checkpoints, please contact the TSA Support Operations Center at 504-463-2252. Passengers can expect a next business day response from TSA. To contact the airport TSA office regarding Lost and Found items, e-mail MSY-MSOC@dhs.gov.




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