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Customer Service - A Priority at MSY - 7/1/2014 -

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The passenger experience from parking to boarding an aircraft at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) appears to be a seamless process. However, passengers are actually interacting with many different businesses that operate at the Airport. These businesses each have their own corporate branding, employees, policies and customer service initiatives. For example, the Airport parking garage is operated by New South Parking, curbside check-in is provided by businesses under contract with the particular airline, the airlines operate the ticket and gate counters, the news and gift concession is under Hudson Group, the food and beverage concession is under Delaware North Companies, and passenger and checked bag screening is conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). While the Airport does not have control over these businesses, the Airport has taken steps to have efficient and effective customer service for all of our passengers. 

First, all persons employed to work at the Airport are required to have an Airport-issued ID badge. Before we issue the badge, the person must successfully complete certain training. The first module of training is customer service. It is designed to reinforce the important role all persons working at the Airport have in providing customer service to our passengers, regardless of their job description.

Second, we have twenty-two New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB) Customer Service Representatives as well as a team of volunteer Customer Service Ambassadors. These folks directly engage with our passengers to make the travel experience through the Airport a pleasant one. As I mentioned above, there are a number of businesses that operate at the Airport. Our Customer Service Representatives are resourceful in connecting passengers with the appropriate personnel from these businesses that can help resolve their customer service matter. Whether itís a warm smile, a friendly welcome or assistance finding a loved one upon their arrival, the Customer Service staff is there to help. Easily detectable in their burgundy sport jackets or our Ambassadors in burgundy vests, they are strategically placed at the concourse exits, in the baggage claim and at our information stations where they are available to assist the traveling public by addressing questions, comments or concerns. 

At MSY, we also utilize and provide a number of amenities to assist our travelers and guests. For example, the Airport has maps and other information about the City, free Wi-Fi available throughout
the terminal, white courtesy phones may be used for local and toll free calls, free electronics charging stations conveniently located on the concourses and in the ticketing lobby, and the Airportís social
media sites are updated with the latest airport information. We also have a lost and found, where our Customer Service staff work to return lost items to their owners. To introduce the charm and spirit
of New Orleans to our first time visitors and a welcome home to our residents, arriving passengers are presented Mardi Gras beads every Friday through our "Throw Me Something FridaysĒ program. For our young guests, our Customer Service information booths located in the terminal provide special items for them to enjoy.

Thanks to a trained workforce that is dedicated to providing excellent customer service with their myriad of resources, I believe our customer service outreach can make travel through Armstrong
International Airport a pleasant experience for our passengers young and old.

Airport Ambassador Donald Costello is recognized by the Aviation Board for donating 2,000 hours as a volunteer at the airport. Want to be a volunteer at Armstrong International Airport?


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