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Finding Jobs at the Airport - 8/1/2011 -

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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport plays many roles in the community. While some may think of the airport as nothing more than a transportation center where airplanes land and passengers and cargo move from one place to another, in reality the airport is much more than that. The airport is a source of revenue for government municipalities, a partner in industry with local businesses and most importantly in this troubled economy a provider of jobs. Armstrong International Airport is one of the largest employers in the metropolitan New Orleans area with over 4,000 employee badges issued. Last year in my "100 Day Airport Assessment Report” to the New Orleans Aviation Board, I expressed my concern that Armstrong International Airport was woefully under staffed with airport management and operations personnel for an airport its size. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as most of our readers know, many of our residents including airport employees were scattered across the country. Many returned, but many did not. Because of the uncertainty of the financial challenge that lay ahead for the city of New Orleans, the city administration determined downsizing the civil service staff in the city and at the airport was necessary. This decision resulted in 104 NOAB employees being laid off and never replaced. Instead, the remaining staff assumed additional duties to maintain the operation of the airport while many responsibilities were assigned to third party contractors.
I am happy to say that a plan to re-staff that was put into action after the report review is paying dividends. As of this writing, the NOAB has hired 58 employees towards its goal of 100 hires by year’s end. Positions filled have included executive staff, clerical support, customer service representatives, technical staff, tradesman (electricians, machinists, painters, plumbers, etc.), engineers and accounting personnel. To view the additional employment opportunities with the NOAB, visit the airport website at, click on "Employee Information” on the website homepage, then click on "Employment Opportunities.” All NOAB employment announcements and applications for the airport are managed by the city’s civil service department and job descriptions and qualifications for open NOAB positions may be viewed by clicking on the respective links.
In addition to the NOAB, our airport is composed of a number of employers that utilize job skill sets of all types. The obvious employer at an airport is an airline and we have 10. They utilize personnel in ticketing, operations and service for their respective airline. In addition, there are providers of contract services to the airlines with fuel, supplies and baggage handling. Other employees that provide support to the airlines are the security screeners of the Transportation Security Administration. These people are federal employees. Next are our vendors. Their services include food eateries, finance (banking, currency exchange and tax-free refunds) gift shops (books, gifts and music), transportation (rental cars, limos, shuttles and taxis), housekeeping and miscellaneous services (shoe shine, shipping and baggage storage). Another type of employer at the airport is the various construction contractors. The airport is
undergoing a multi-million dollar modernization of the infrastructure which means a number of construction jobs are in gear both in and around the terminal.  For the latest pictures of our Capital Improvements Progam and much more, be sure to check out our Facebook Page.
Because businesses at Armstrong International Airport are diverse, they maintain individual hiring practices and methods for employment application. There is no single human resources department in the airport. To apply for a job at the airport, an applicant should know what type of work they are seeking, who the various airport employers are and what the application procedure is for each employer. A suggested source for discovering who is operating a business at Armstrong International is the airport website, On the website, the job seeker can see the location of various businesses in the airport. Some even have links to their own websites that will give information about employment with their firm.


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