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Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl. Airport withdraws from FAA Airport Privatization Pilot Program - 10/21/2010 -

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 21, 2010 (New Orleans, LA) The New Orleans Aviation Board has notified the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that it is withdrawing from the Airport Privatization Pilot Program.

In November 2008, the New Orleans Aviation Board began the steps required in order to submit a preliminary application to the FAA for participation in the FAA Airport Privatization Pilot Program. On August 5, 2009, the Airport submitted its preliminary application to the FAA which was accepted on September 8, 2009.

After analyzing the conditions required to effectively privatize public infrastructure and the current state of capital markets, it has been concluded that New Orleans is not well positioned at this point in time to solicit bids for privatizing the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Rather, the airport is better served by focusing on its recently announced initiatives to improve operations and become a more effective asset for the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is thus withdrawing from the FAA Airport Privatization Pilot Program.

New Orleans Aviation Board together with the rest of the stakeholders in the Southeast region will be targeting the following objectives for MSY:

  • An increase in passenger traffic
  • Consistent access to funding to meet the airport's needs
  • MSY's continued role as a strategic asset that benefits tourism and the future of New Orleans
  • Representation for all parties and cooperation among all stakeholders
  • Efficient decision making and transparency
  • A positive working relationship among the airport, city, state, and other stakeholders

"The Aviation Board took a long, hard look at what the privatization of Armstrong International Airport would mean to the entire region and have determined that it is not the best choice for this region, "stated Nolan V. Rollins, Chairman of the New Orleans Aviation Board.


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