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Sharing Information with the Public - 9/1/2010 -

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By Iftikhar Ahmad
Director of Aviation


Sharing information about Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport with our community is vitally important to MSY. This airport is a place of hope and possibilities and must be in touch with the community it serves. Two-way communication is a priority at Armstrong International Airport. Tearing down communication barriers between our passengers, our customers and the airport is vital. The airport utilizes a number of different tools for communicating. The most visible and probably the timeliest is our website, On the website is a wealth of information for not only checking on a flight but for business opportunities, airport construction updates, historical data and airport news. It is also one of the best ways for our passengers to communicate with us. We welcome both compliments and complaints. If we are not aware of issues at the airport, we cannot address them. We have recently initiated changes in the way the airport responds to comments. We now have a target time for a response and the individuals answering comments and inquiries are Airport Managers. Also, now there is direct access through two e-mail in-boxes on the website. To leave a statement, click on "contact us” and send us your message. We will respond to you within 72 hours because we want to resolve any issues for our passengers in a timely manner. We aspire to answer in 24 hours. Please utilize this vital tool. At the time of this writing, we are redesigning the website to update the look and improve its function in an attempt to make it even more user friendly than it is now. Watch for the debut coming soon, but the existing website is fully functional until that time.

Another vehicle for communication is our 30 minute television program, entitled "Airport Alive”. This program, previously titled "Air Trends” showcases the latest news at Armstrong International Airport. The program is hosted by Orleans broadcast personality and Voice of the Saints, Jerry Romig. The quarterly program airs on most of the major Government Access stations in parishes surrounding the airport as well as on public and commercial television stations throughout southern Louisiana. Airport Alive may also be viewed on our website by clicking on "Airport Alive Now Available on Line”. The television program concentrates on major issues impacting our public. From construction updates to the latest airline announcements, the program is designed to inform through an entertaining format so that the viewers know what is happening at their airport. To see the show, check your local listings for the time and day the program is airing in your area. You may also access the list on the airport website.

A third communication tool is this article. Each month, I report to you on aviation subjects that have an affect on our passengers. With this article, I am able to update you on what is new at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport or what may be planned for the future. This article is published in local newspapers with a circulation of subscribers in the thousands. It is one way for me to speak directly to you. At the end of each article is my e-mail address in case you wish to correspond with me. I have an open door policy with our employees at the airport and I hope you will view this contact address as my open door to you.

It is a goal of the New Orleans Aviation Board and their staff to keep a line of communication open to the publics we serve. We are trying to not only modernize Armstrong International Airport with various capital improvement projects and increased air service, but we are also focusing on improving the way we keep you informed. Communication works for those who work at it. We are striving to do our best.

Iftikhar Ahmad may be reached by clicking here.


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