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Extension of Taxiway Golf and Taxiway Bravo Project

Contractor: Barriere Construction Co., LLC


Cost: $50,783,229 NTE


Start Date: November 11, 2020


Projected End Date: March 2022


Project Status: Asphalt pavement is 90% complete on Taxiways Golf-1 and Golf-2. Taxiway Golf has been excavated and backfilled with Styrofoam, lean concrete, sand and rock subgrade. The intake canal foundations are complete and pre-cast structures will be installed starting in January 2022.


Runway 11/29 threshold is expected to be relocated by late January 2022, to allow the full-length runway to be open.


Project Description: The primary purpose of the project is to construct and extend Taxiway Golf (G) to the west of its current location. With the opening of the new terminal, north of Runway 11/29, Taxiway G needs to be extended to better accommodate the traffic that will use Runway 11-29, specifically the 29 Approach.


The extension will be an additional 1500 feet from the existing west end of Taxiway G and will connect Taxiway G with the Runway 11 end. In addition, Taxiway Bravo will be built out from its current stub out from Runway 11-29 and tie into Taxiway G.


The project will also include installation of lighting and signage for all new pavements.