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North-South Connector Road (Design Phase)









Budget: $10 million

Projected Timeline: October 2023 – September 2024

Status: Design

Project Description:

The North-South Connector Road project will build an airport shuttle only on Airport property to facilitate the shuttling of passengers between the north campus and the south campus without interfacing with traffic on public roadways. Currently Southside facilities include, Car Rental Center, Economy Parking and Employee Parking facilities that support the North Terminal. The project will take shuttle buses off the public roadway system, improving headways to and from the North Terminal. The project has environmental benefits which will relieve congestion and also reduce idling in city traffic.  


Integrated with the Airport’s Master Plan, a 20-year vision, the project provides flexibility for future upgrades to airport connectivity and intermodal transportation. The roadway will be constructed as a pile-supported roadway, it will serve as the foundation to a future automated people-mover (APM), a light rail system that will further unify North and South Campus. This project is seen as the first phase of connectivity to future intermodal transportation to regional rail.


This project will allow shuttles from the Rental Car Facility, Employee and Economy Garages to have direct access from the south campus facilities to the North Terminal. The connector road will benefit the public, airport passengers and airport employees, by keeping airport vehicles off the public roadways thus lessening roadway traffic and providing a smooth, efficient means of travel between facilities.


The project design of 8 Million dollars is funded by the FAA Airport Terminal Program (ATP) Grants which is part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)