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NEW YORK and NEW ORLEANS, December 7, 2018 — CLEAR, the company using biometrics to build a connected, secure and frictionless world, today announced its arrival at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY). With the launch at MSY, CLEAR is now available at 27 major airports – covering the vast majority of domestic flights nationwide – giving members the ability to verify their identity instantly and speed through security with the tap of a finger or blink of an eye.

“CLEAR is excited to be launching MSY during New Orleans’ Tricentennial, and proud to support the local economy by creating as many as 40 new jobs in the region,” said Gina Bruzzichesi, CLEAR’s SVP of Operations. “CLEAR is focused on revolutionizing the way we live, work and travel, and we look forward to helping our airport partners and local officials build a bridge to New Orleans’ next 300 years.”

With CLEAR, a member’s eyes and fingers replace their ID enabling them to verify their identity and speed through dedicated security lanes with less friction and greater predictability, so they can get where they are going without breaking stride. CLEAR is rolling-out a variety of additional biometric services that will enhance the entire curb-to-gate experience – enabling members to check their bag, verify their boarding pass, enter Delta Sky Clubs, and board their flight with the tap of a finger instead of traditional ID.

MSY set record passenger numbers last year as more than 12 million travelers passed through New Orleans’ iconic airport. CLEAR Lanes are now available in MSY’s Concourse D, home to Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, and United Airlines. When MSY moves to its $1 billion replacement terminal in May 2019, CLEAR Lanes will be available in the new centralized security checkpoint providing access to flights from all 15 airlines at MSY.

“Providing an outstanding customer experience is a priority for the New Orleans Airport, and we are excited to now offer this amenity to our passengers,” said Kevin Dolliole, Director of Aviation for MSY. “CLEAR’s technology will allow their members to have a more seamless experience when processing through security, and we look forward to continuing this partnership when the new MSY opens in May of next year.”

Bruzzichesi, along with, Airport Officials, and local leadership from Delta Air Lines and the TSA celebrated the announcement with a Ribbon Cutting and launch event in Concourse D that featured a special performance by Kinfolk B and a selection of New Orleans culinary treats, including Beignets and Pralines.


How does CLEAR work?

After a fast, one-time enrollment, CLEAR connects your identity to your biometrics (fingerprint, iris, picture of your face), speeding you through airport and stadium security with just the touch of a finger or the blink of an eye.

How is CLEAR different than TSA PreCheck?

CLEAR and TSA’s PreCheck program are complementary. CLEAR automates the identity check which provides speed and predictability while PreCheck provides convenience during the physical screening process (by allowing flyers to keep their shoes and coat on).

Do CLEAR members bypass security altogether?

No. At both the airport and sports stadiums, CLEAR members get faster access by moving to the front of physical security screening after biometric identification – including bag checks, magnetometers, etc. – but do not bypass security.

How much does CLEAR cost?

CLEAR membership is $15 per month with the option to add an additional family member for just $50 per year. Members can also bring their children under 18 with them through the CLEAR lane for free. Enrollment takes less than five minutes and members can immediately begin using CLEAR.


CLEAR is transforming the way people live, work and travel. Today, CLEAR is powering a frictionless security experience in 40 U.S. airports and sports venues. When you are you, instead of something in your pocket, life is more frictionless, more secure and more predictable. CLEAR is trusted by millions of members and is certified as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. After enrolling at any CLEAR location, members can begin using CLEAR Lanes immediately (https://www.clearme.com/where-we-are). For more information on CLEAR, visit http://www.clearme.com.

About Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is the primary commercial airport in the State of Louisiana serving over 80% of all passengers flying into the state. Armstrong International Airport is owned by the City of New Orleans. The New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB), an unattached board of the City of New Orleans, oversees the administration, operation, and maintenance of Armstrong International. The Airport has 15 airlines providing service to 53 nonstop destinations, including seven international destinations. A new world-class terminal complex is currently being constructed. The new terminal will be complete by May 2019. For more information, please visitflymsy.wpengine.com.

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