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DBE Liaison Officer:
Philistine Ferrand
504.303.7614 (fax)

Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair gain.

To report fraud in federally-funded programs, contracts and grants, contact the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Office of Inspector General (OIG) at 1-800-424-9071.
The OIG maintains a hotline to report allegations of fraud, waste, abuse and other irregularities in USDOT programs or operations. Allegations may be reported by USDOT employees, contractors or the public. The OIG Hotline is available 24/7. Issues that should be reported include:
  • Contract, procurement and grant fraud
  • Environment, health and safety violations
  • Computer crimes
  • Product substitution, including suspected, unapproved and counterfeit aircraft parts
  • Bribery, kickbacks and gratuities
  • False statements and claims
  • Conflicts of interest and ethics violations
  • Travel fraud, theft and/or abuse of Government property
  • Other violations of Federal law and regulations
How to report fraud to OIG:








[email protected]


USDOT Inspector General
1200 New Jersey Ave SE, Rm W73-104A
Washington, DC 20590
Please, note: The OIG Hotline is obligated to, expeditiously, forward all safety-related complaints to the USDOT’s safety, regulatory agencies for action, as appropriate.

Contractors misrepresent that they are competing against each other when they actually agree to cooperate on the winning bid to increase job proft.

Conflict of Interest

A government contracting or oversight official has an undisclosed financial interest in a contractor or consultant, resulting in an improper contract award or inflated costs.

Disadvantaged Business Fraud

A contractor misrepresents who performed the work in order to be appear to be in compliance with contract goals for involvement of minority / women-owned businesses.

Debris Removal Fraud

A contractor requests to be paid for the removal of more construction debris than was actually removed.


A contractor misrepresents the cost of performing work by secretly paying a fee for being awarded the contract and, therefore, inflating the cost to the government.

Materials Overcharging

A contractor misrepresents how much construction material was used on a job in order to be paid for more material than was actually used.

Product Substitutions

A contractor misrepresents the type or quality of product used in order to reduce costs for construction materials.

Quality Control Testing

A contractor misrepresents the results of quality control tests in order to limit costs or increase profits, earn contract incentives, or avoid project shutdown.

Time Overcharging

A contractor misrepresents the distribution of employee labor in order to charge for more work hours, or a higher overhead rate to increase profit.


A contractor compensates a government official in exchange for obtaining contracts or permitting overcharges.


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